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Feedback from Readers

"I still grab the time to read BW cover to cover-no matter how busy I am."
-Madge Aalto, former Director, Vancouver Public Library

"For book lovers and followers of the literary scene, your ads are a news medium, a great way of keeping tabs on who's publishing who and when."
-David Manicom, Canadian Embassy, Moscow

"There is nothing quite like BookWorld: nothing quite so popular and ubiquitous, so accessible and informative."
-Susan Crean, Past-Chair, Writers' Union

"Probably the most important and effective element in the infrastructure [that is helping publishers consolidate and expand] is Bookworld."
-Dr. Rowland Lorimer, in Report for the B.C. Government on Book Publishing in B.C.

"Your publication is first-rate. I read it from cover to cover, something I do with very few publications."
-Bryan McGill, Beautiful British Columbia

"BookWorld is clearly doing an outstanding job alerting readers across British Columbia to new publications and bringing a sense of community to our province's "bookworld."
-Jean Barman, The West Beyond the West

"BookWorld has become a fixture in most bookstores across the province."
-Christine Tanner, Past-President, B.C. Booksellers Association


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